On Sunday May 10, at noon, on Church Street near the Staff house, The United Brotherhood of Carpenters local 1614 of Flin Flon will be holding a community BBQ in support of the IAM. We must always remember that all union brothers and sisters stand together, along with members of our community in solidarity for the rights of all workers. The IAM would like to thank the UBC 1614 and to our entire community for opening their arms and hearts in support of us. Your generosity cannot be measured and will never be forgotten. We are all lucky to be members of such a caring and wonderful community. Together we will STAND TALL.

The IAM membership

Who is Hudbay?

Flin Flon was founded in 1927 by Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting when a massive copper and zinc deposit was discovered. Through a partnership with the company and the community, Flin Flon thrived and we grew together. They supported the community. They created the beach resort at Phantom Lake. They created a golf course. They built the Whitney Forum. They built houses and apartment complexes for their employees. They continued to support all these investments and together we were a COMMUNITY

Today we are no longer HBM&S, we are now a corporate mining giant called Hudbay. Almost everything HBM&S supported is gone. Their footprint in our community has almost completely vanished. All that can be remembered from those days are stories and myths.

Hudbay has erased the resort at Phantom Lake. They have plowed everything and removed it.

They no longer fund the golf course. They own the land but all maintenance costs are paid by the members of the course.

They no longer fund the Whitney Forum. They have given all care and maintenance to the City of Flin Flon and our tax dollars.

They have plowed under almost all houses and apartment complexes for their employees cause it is no longer feasible to run.

In the community of Snow Lake is where their crown jewel of Lalor Lake mine exists. It has a proven 30+ plus year mine life, yet Hudbay invests very little in their infrastructure.

The only priority to this company now is sending hundreds of millions of dollars down south to their projects in Peru and Arizona.

Unfortunately, our communities and the employees who work for them no longer rank on their priority list.

In solidarity

Your Negotiating Committee

Proud to be a Flin Flonner

With well over 300 members of our community supporting the IAM movement, Rene Beauchamp, President of the IAM 1848, announced at 11:59am on May 02, 2015, “THE IAM 1848 IS OFFICIALLY ON STRIKE”

Men, women, children, politicians and members of other local unions all stood in solidarity.

Everyone enjoyed hotdogs and drinks at our community BBQ and participated in our first official strike since 1971.

Union brothers stood alongside with members of our community, beside local, provincial and federal politicians in the picket line in an unwavering commitment of support.

At 3:22 pm, all supporters marched down Main Street, in a rally to show this company that we all believe in workers rights and we will not back down until we receive what we justly deserve.

All members of the IAM would like to thank everyone who took time out of their day to come support our cause. We are all members of this community and all our invested in it.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience in delays coming to and from work and respecting our picket lines.

We would like to thank Eddie’s Family Foods for supplying the food and drinks for our BBQ.

We would like to thank all other local unions standing beside us on the picket line.

We would like to thank all the politicians who stand up for union rights.

But most important, we want to thank every member of our community who have supplied food, drinks, or donations. The opening of your hearts is overwhelming. At our darkest hour we know we have a community who will always have our backs. Your generosity is unbelievable and will never be forgotten. OUR GAIN IS YOUR GAIN.

Snow Lake Support

The IAM negotiating committee made it’s way to Snow Lake for our scheduled strike notice information meetings. After the conclusion of the final 8 o’clock meeting two out of the four members returned to Flin Flon for the IAM BBQ RALLY. The other two members remained in Snow Lake to assist our Snow Lake members in establishing a safe picket line for everyone. At 11: 30 we met at a predetermined location and made our way to the Lalor Lake mine road. About 500 yards down the Lalor road we found the intersection to the tailings pond road and decided that it would be the safest and most ideal location. We parked vehicles along both sides of the road for safety of our members in the case of an emergency situation. At 11:59 am we began our picket line. As in Flin Flon we also had a BBQ for our members and the community. All vehicles entering and leaving the mine site incorporated minor delays as they respected our line. The greatest moment for us was when the Snow Lake membership took complete control of their picket line. All the members took leadership roles and ran it in the most safe and efficient manner possible. You should all be proud of yourself. I know we are here in Flin Flon. Even with the small amount of members they have there, they are splitting the picket line into two so everyone can see our cause. We will be sending some of our members to Snow Lake to assist them in filling the ranks on a regular basis. We would like to acknowledge Franals restaurant for supplying us with coffee and a cargo trailer for a shelter. Scott Cushman, an IBEW member, and Dennis St. Jean for their generous donations. We would like to give a thank you to all the anonymous donations of food and drinks for our picketers. You don’t know how much your SUPPORT means to us!

IAM International Press Release

Only One Option Left – We Strike!

Friday May 1, 2015

Flin Flon, MB – Negotiations between the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers and Hudbay failed because management never wavered from their opening stance, leaving the workers with only one option – strike!

Members of IAM Local Lodge 1848 will set up picket lines at Hudbay operations in Flin Flon and Snow Lake at noon Saturday, May 2, 2015.

This bargaining process never stood a chance,” explained IAM Grand Lodge Representative Ian Morland. “None of the outstanding language issues were addressed and the wage enhancements still leave us far behind the wages paid to apprentices and certified trades at sites in The Pas and Thompson, Manitoba.”

From the beginning, management’s attitude toward us has been hostile,” said Morland. “We offered to assist management with a controlled shut down of all operations in the event a strike, but they rejected this offer outright. They believe they can run the equipment without us. But we repair and maintain this equipment and it will break down if it is not maintained properly. This could have been avoided.”

We are willing to resume bargaining at any time provided the employer has something better to offer,” said Morland. “In bargaining you can push people only so far and then they stick, that’s where we are right now.”



We would like to invite our entire community to come at 12 noon and support the IAM. We will be grilling hotdogs for everyone. We must show our children that in life we must always stand together. We must teach them that unions will always fight for the rights of all workers and ensure we always get what is fair and just. So on Saturday May 02, come and support the IAM and enjoy some lunch on Church street near the staff house. Hope to see you there!

The IAM membership

Information meetings



To our members:

We will holding information meetings at the following times and locations:


APRIL 30, 2015

2:00 PM AND 8:00 PM



MAY 1, 2015

4:00 PM AND 8:00 PM


In solidarity

Your negotiating team

Controlled Shutdown

It is now clear that management had no intention to bargain with our union in good faith. It is obvious that they had an agenda right from the start and never waivered from their plan. This bargaining process never stood a chance.

None of our outstanding language issues were addressed and the wage enhancements were nowhere near what we had hoped for or deserve. They left us with only one option, taking strike action with the direction our membership has indicated.

We have reached out to management in assisting them with a controlled shut down of all operations. We want to ensure the easiest most efficient restart of the plant once it resumes operation.

Management believes they can continue to run their operation in our absence. Let us make this clear, we are the heart of the operation. We repair and maintain all the equipment and machinery needed to run. Our skill, knowledge and experience CANNOT be replaced. Very soon equipment will break down and the plant will begin to ramp down. Unfortunately it will shut itself down in an uncontrolled manner inflicting damage that could have been easily been avoided.

Now the restart will become very expensive and could take from weeks to even months until the plant resumes full operation.

From the shareholders, board of directors and employees of Hudbay we are all invested in what is about to happen in the future.

Make no mistake about it, this is exactly what will happen regardless of what management wants us to believe.

In solidarity

Your negotiating team

Strike Notice

To our members

As per section of 87.2(1) of the Canada Labour Code. We have given Hudbay the necessary 72 hours written notice for the IAMAW 1848 to commence strike action at 11:59 am on Saturday May 02, 2015.

We are currently setting up dates and times for information meetings for our members and will be posted as soon as possible.

We thank you for your patience at these stressful times.

In solidarity,

Your Negotiating Committee

April 27 update

We met with Hudbays negotiating team on Monday April 27 in one last final attempt to reach a fair agreement that we could recommend to our membership. We met with them over a six hour period. Unfortunately, we came nowhere near to getting an agreement.

Management’s attempt at hijacking our health plan has failed. We were told to stop terrorizing the widows of our community with misinformation. They have agreed to remove all their proposed language changes in the plan and leave it as it sits currently in our CBA.

One of our main objectives was in the reduction in the gap of apprentice and certified trade wage rates. Their solution was a 2 increment increase at the 8th period for Heavy Duty and Industrial mechanics. They somehow forgot that we also have pipe fitters and machinists. Their reasoning was that if apprentices are paid too well, they will be unmotivated to complete their apprenticeship. They would not discuss changes to the service agreement. This is unacceptable.

We were told that there is no more money on the table for wage enhancements. All that could be done is moving the $1.50 increase from the third year into the second. This is unacceptable.

Even though none of our major language issues were addressed such as the grievance procedure and contracting out, we tried in one final attempt in getting a recommendation from this committee. We proposed a $1.25 skilled trade wage adjustment on top of the wage enhancements and a 6 increment pay raise for all apprentices beginning at the start of their apprenticeship. At 3am this morning we were told NO.

These were all verbal discussion and we never received any written documentation from Hudbay. This is where we now stand.

In solidarity

Your negotiating team