The CLC Campaign for Decent Wages

Fightback #2

The CLC campaign for Decent Wages


Who: The one per cent who have been getting richer and the rest of us who have been barely hanging on.

What: The minimum wage in Canada is around $10.00 an hour in 2013

  • The average salary of Canada’s CEO Elite 100 is 189 times more than Canadians  earning the average wage. In 1998 the gap was 105 times more than the average wage.
  • Half of the workers in Canada earned $20.40/hour or less in 2012
  • By international standards, a low wage job in Canada pays $13.60/hour or less
  • 1.4 million men and 2 million women in Canada earned $13.60/hour or less in 2012
  • Women working full-time earned only about 73% of men’s wages in 2012
  • The average income of the top one per cent grew by 71 per cent over the last 30 years. The average income of the rest of us grew by 10 per cent.

Why: The Elite use their power to increase their wealth and hold the rest of us down.

When: The Fight back begins September 2013 with the CLC Fairness Works Campaign

Where: All across Canada

How: By increasing workers awareness and power.


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