The CLC Campaign for Fairness and Good Jobs

Fightback #3

The CLC Campaign for Fairness and Good Jobs


Who: Canadian workers seeing good jobs disappearing.

What:  Jobs are getting more insecure and Canadian workers are increasingly vulnerable.

  • Five years of “recovery since the financial meltdown and the real national unemployment rate (taking account of involuntary part-time and workers who have given up looking for non-existent jobs) is 14%.
  • With continuing cuts to E.I. benefits, only 36.5% of the officially unemployed (and less than 20% of the real unemployed) are collecting the E.I. benefits they paid for.
  • More and more jobs (particularly for young workers) are precarious – part-time, contract, irregular and unreliable hours, and threatened by moves to cheaper jurisdictions.
  • The use of “Temporary Foreign Workers” as a cheap, exploitable labour force has grown by 315% in the last 15 years.
  • In spite of the so-called “skills-mismatch” and labour shortages, there are 6 times as many officially unemployed (and 12 times as many real unemployed) as employers’ reported job vacancies.   Employers seem uninterested in increasing wages or providing training to meet shortages (see temporary foreign workers program, above).
  • Corporate tax cuts and corporate profits rising close to the pre-meltdown level have inflated corporate bank accounts and CEO payouts, but they have not led to job-creating investment in Canada.
  • The Harper Tories are moving towards another sell-out to their corporate sponsors in the coming Canada/European Union Free Trade deal.

WhyCorporations continue to use their governments to increase insecurity and weaken Canadian workers.

When:  The Fightback begins now with the CLC Fairness Matters Campaign.

How: By building worker awareness and power.