Forget the Duffy Follies

Fightback #4

Forget the Duffy Follies!


Who: The Harper Conservatives

What:  In the new parliamentary session, the Harper Conservatives have:

  • Re-introduced Bill C-377 to bury unions in expensive and debilitating paperwork.
  • Pushing ahead with Bill C-525 – which requires unions to win a majority of all bargaining unit members in any certification or decertification vote. The second reading vote ion this Bill is scheduled for December 12th or shortly thereafter.
  • Have continued their practice of burying major legislative changes in huge “budget implementation” bills to limit public debate and consideration.
  • Bill C-4 includes attacks on federal public sector unions and drastic reductions in federal worker health and safety protections.
  • Corporations continue to use their governments to increase insecurity and weaken Canadian workers.

Why:   The Tories want to complete their anti-worker agenda before the next election

When: Now is the time to mobilize opposition.

How:  By organizing to force the Tories to back down through the use of Email, phone and

lobbying priority Conservative MP’s –a list will be provided. This work must be

completed by December 12th