The CLC and IAM Campaign for Better Training

Fightback #6

The CLC and IAM Campaign for Better Training

Who: Canadian workers in all sectors

What:  The Harper government has spent $2.5 million dollars to advertise the “Canada Job Grant” program, a program that does not exist.

Harper’s government has proposed a “Canada Jobs Program” aimed at training. The Employers, the Provinces and the Federal Government would each contribute one third of the cost.

However, the Harper Government wants to fund the new program by taking the money out of existing and effective job training programs. THERE WILL NO NEW MONEY FOR TRAINING!

Instead of using worker and employer Employment Insurance contributions to expand worker training, the Tories are using the E.I. surplus to fund tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations.

For this reason, none of the provincial governments, even Harper’s conservative allies, has agreed to the Federal Government proposal.  The only thing being created by the Canadian Job Grant Program is Tory campaign advertising.

Why:  We need to improve, not undermine, training and skill development.  The federal government is planning to divert funding from training that the provinces and Territories now deliver to pay for this new “Canada Jobs Grant” program.

We are also concerned that large corporations will simply use the CJG program to offset the cost of training they already provide.

When:  Now! This Harper government is using our tax dollars to advertise a non-existent program.  Canadians need to know that the Tories are shamelessly lying.  Harper must be defeated in the next federal election, to reverse the attack on workers and their families.

We must let our members know, by raising this at Local Lodge meetings.