Scurrying Scabs?



Hudbay is now employing new measures for the scab mechanics they have now hired to replace striking mechanics from the IAM to access the property now.

The security firm hired by Hudbay is now chauffeuring these replacement workers in vans to bushes near the property lines and dropping them off so they can scurry across through the bush to access the property.

IAM picketers have even witnessed these replacement workers climbing the fence that surround the property to enter it.

There is a security van on the other side that picks them up.

Hudbay preaches to all employees that safety is the number one priority at all times.

They have an entire department dedicated to it.

They have created a set of golden rules that all employees must follow.

There is a PASS system in place, where employees have daily shift safety huddles to report anything unsafe and can be improved upon.

When it comes to safety, shouldn’t that mean everyone?

Hudbay has always had an in house security department to police who enters and leaves the property throughout the day.

They have a fence around their property so no one can trespass.

During this strike they have hired an outside security firm equipped with audio and video surveillance equipment to monitor all entrances to the plant and mines.

All this to protect the employees inside.

Now Hudbay is instructing these scab workers to break all the rules.

They must be….

Why would a van be waiting on the other side to pick them up?

It is now OK to climb over and through fences to get to work?

Any Hudbay employee would face discipline or suspension for the very same action.

Is safety just lip service?

Does the protection of the workers in the plant not matter?

Doing whatever it takes to get the machinery repaired is all that is important.

Safety at Hudbay doesn’t apply to everyone.

Only when it is convenient.