Scab Wars




On the National Geographic channel they feature a television program called “Border Wars”

This program features the ongoing battle along the United States and Mexican border between Border Security and illegal aliens from Mexico trying to cross into the United States.

Most of the border is unprotected and rugged so in many cases security personnel use 4X4 trucks and horseback to patrol the vast border in their efforts.

In many instances the desperate aliens will use any means necessary to thwart the authority’s efforts in trying to keep them out.

They crawl on the ground.

They hide in bushes.

They will do just about anything to escape their current way of life in the hopes of living the American dream.

The video you are about to see looks like it could be an episode from Border Wars.

The unfortunate part is that it is not.

This video is not taking place along the US/Mexico border.

This video was shot in Flin Flon Manitoba on August 11, 2015 where at the present time there is a labour dispute between IAMAW 1848 and Hudbay Minerals.

Actually it was shot from the Perimeter Highway looking north of Hudbay’s mine and plant property.

The people seen scurrying through the bushes are not illegal aliens.

They are scab mechanics in a pathetic effort trying to gain entry into Hudbay’s mines undetected.

The trucks the scabs are being chauffeured into belong to EMS Security Services.

This is the outside security firm hired by Hudbay during this labour dispute

On several occasions the IAM have been told that they are a neutral firm to assist both parties.

They are not.

But unlike Border Wars, instead of preventing aliens from entering, the trucks are escorting the scab mechanics to their work locations.

It is unbelievable the desperate and pathetic efforts Hudbay is incorporating to maneuver these scab mechanics in and out of the plant.

What kind of worker will crawl and hide in bushes to get to work?

As the saying goes:

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Well if that’s the case, this video is worth a million.

The video can be found on YouTube under the title “Hudbay smuggling in replacement workers”

It is eerily disturbing.