The Hart Avenue Truth




When the orange line appeared across Hart Avenue a few weeks ago we wondered….

Can a mining company really own a road in a City?

The evidence was hard to dispute.

The City of Flin Flon gave us maps denoting that Hudbay owned all the property and road surrounding the Whitney Forum.

They gave the same one to Hudbay and the Police also.

Then the orange line appeared.

We received information that we should look deeper into this.

In fact we were told that Hudbay did not own Hart Avenue, they did not own the road that continued West from Hart Avenue around to the Hospital.

We reached out to the Assessment Services of Manitoba and questioned the evidence we were given.

After conferring with an assessment officer and some digging they found The Plan of Subdivision for the property and road.

In fact the information we received was true. Hudbay did not own Hart Avenue or the road that continued around to the Hospital.

Somebody in the City didn’t do their homework….or was this planned from the very start?

Hudbay has never wanted the IAM to be able to picket Hart Avenue from the start of this strike.

It’s an easy access for staff employees to enter the plant and mines without having to face the IAM picketers whose jobs they are now performing on a daily basis.

One way to stop it is to say you own the road and will prosecute for trespassing.

The City still refuses to publicly state their viewpoint when it comes to the use of replacement workers.

Our Mayor currently holds a position at Hudbay as the contract administrator.

He signs off on contracts for the plant and mines.

These contracts are now for replacement workers used in place of striking IAM members that belong to this community.

IAM members who pay taxes and support the infrastructure of this community.

Where does his true allegiances reside?

Could this be why the City remains neutral on replacement workers?

Is this why the orange line appeared?

You decide.