Baseless Bargaining



Rob Winton, Vice President, Manitoba Business Unit has publicly stated that management would not return to the bargaining table with the IAM if a money proposal remained.

A Federal Conciliator facilitated a meeting between the IAM and management on August 10, 2015.

The IAM removed the money proposal as Mr. Winton asked with the hope of resolving our language issues pertaining to the grievance procedure and contracting out.

With the removal of the money proposal as Mr. Winton asked, the IAM would soon find out if Mr. Winton was interested in reaching an agreement with the IAM and find a mutually beneficial resolution to our language issues.

Or was this just simply lip service for the media.

The Conciliator flew in from Edmonton for this meeting.

The IAM International Representative drove in from Winnipeg.

At 7:30 pm, through the Federal Conciliator we tabled our language proposals, specifically towards the grievance procedure and contracting out.

As Mr. Winton likes to state it, they were not unreasonable “demands”

Management also tries to use the argument that the IAM “demands” continue to change and the list of “demands” is growing.

This is nothing more than a smokescreen to try discredit the IAM at the bargaining table in the eyes of the public.

We are not greedy.

Our issues have remained the same from the very beginning.

We traded money with the hope of language changes.

Management asked us what it would take to get a recommendation from our Bargaining Committee to help a deal get ratified.

We proposed a new system to the grievance procedure to speed up the process to rectify disputes when it comes to our collective agreement.

We wanted changes to our contracting out language so management would bring pending contracts to our monthly meetings before they were tendered for discussion.

We wanted to assist management in the recruitment of new employees to replenish our dwindling membership and limit the amount of contractors filling our positions.

We suggested a joint apprenticeship program to help management in doing so.

At 2:00 am in the morning, the Conciliator told us that they were not interested in any of our proposals.

The Conciliator told us that management said that all that was left on the table was the strike settlement offer from June that was turned down by our members.

We would only receive the offer with a recommendation from our Committee.

Mr. Winton, why are you so deceitful?

You never intended to resolve any of our issues from the start.

You wasted our time.

You wasted the time and money in bringing in a Conciliator and the IAM International rep.

You were never interested in reaching a fair agreement with us.

This is Union busting in the purest form.