We Are All Replaceable



We have received information and witnessed from our picket lines that the amount of scab mechanics is now beginning to grow.

We have received information that a new Ontario contractor called TECHNICA MINING is now supplying scab mechanics and is in the plant as we speak.

This is the same contractor used at VALE in Sudbury Ontario who supplied scab labour during their strike.

Rod Leydon was in Sudbury during the strike at Vale.

He is now employed by Hudbay as part of their contingency plan.

Is it a coincidence that the same firm used in Sudbury now appears here in Flin Flon during the IAM strike?

In Sudbury, we hear TECHNICA MINING was promised 1,000,000 man hours of work in order for them to cross the picket line then.

What has been promised them now?

We believe that TECHNICA MINING is supplying a total of 8 mechanics and 2 supervisors at this point.

They are supplying 4 mechanics and 1 supervisor for the dayshift and nightshift.

Hudbay has now put a fence around the 777 North Mine Mechanic Shop restricting access for all Hudbay employees and supervisors.

This is where they are harboring these new scab mechanics and it will be their home base for operations.

It is unbelievable that Hudbay protects these scab workers.

If any Hudbay employee uses the legal word scab in the workplace to describe these workers, they are subject to discipline or sent home.

Hudbay does not care about the well being or morale of any of its employees who are forced to work beside them.

As this strike continues, we begin to see the true colors of Hudbay.

All Hudbay employees are just merely a number.

A means for them to reach the bottom line.

As Hudbay now shows we are all replaceable.

And when the time arises we all will be.