Hart Avenue




If you’re a Fin Flon resident and drive on Hart Avenue toward the Whitney Forum and reach the top of the hill adjacent to the Mining Academy you will find that there is a new orange line painted across the road.

The IAM held a protest line along the North side of Hart Avenue for the purpose of disseminating information to workers on their way in to Hudbay.

That afternoon the orange line appeared.

The IAM have been told that from that point moving West toward the Whitney Forum is that section of Hart Avenue belongs to Hudbay.

The IAM have also been told that if any IAM member crosses that line, they will be prosecuted for trespassing.

If you look anywhere around the mine they have signs stating DANGER…MINING COMPLEX…NO TRESPASSING, so has the entire community been trespassing on Hudbay’s property every time they go to the Whitney Forum?

It is the main access.

It may be that Hudbay allows citizens to use Hart Avenue to access the Whitney Forum, but now members of the IAM are not.

Hudbay relinquished control of the Whitney Forum and property over to the city because they no longer wished to fund its operation anymore.

It now is supported by the tax dollars generated from Flin Flon residents.

Why would the city take over control of the Whitney Forum but have no control of the main road to allow access by the public?

The IAM wrote a letter to Hudbay asking if we crossed the line to assist our children to participate in their activities would we be prosecuted.

Hudbay has not responded, so it is apparent that punishment and enforcement will supersede community and family.

The Whitney Forum is the only recreational arena Flin Flon has.

IAM have family members that use that facility regularly.

Has Hudbay become so petty that we are not allowed to drop off our children to participate in their recreational activities there anymore?

Must our young children carry their gear from Church Street now?

Hudbay is not satisfied with just punishing the IAM, our innocent children must suffer also?

Isn’t this going way overboard?

Living without paycheque is not enough; they want to inflict emotional pain to our families also.

Our community is slowly dwindling in population, and with it, taxpayer dollars to support the infrastructure within it.

It is a struggle to continue to support what we have.

Should our dwindling tax dollars support the maintenance and snow removal of a street that belongs to a mutli-million dollar mining corporation?

Couldn’t it be better spent in the upkeep of the aging facilities of our community?

Over time Hudbay invests less in this community.

All that matters to them is what lies below our feet.