Union Busting



It is now crystal clear that Hudbay’s priority is not reaching a collective agreement with the IAM. Their priority has been to break the solidarity of all Hudbay Unions with the use of threats and intimidation to impose their will upon them.

Hudbay hired a labour consultant to help formulate a strategy in the bargaining process.

In order for the bargaining process to be successful there must be dialogue at the table to be able to resolve any issues.

The people with the ability to make decisions must also be at the table for it to be successful.

This has never happened.

Hudbay never brought a negotiating team with any ability to make decisions.

Their strategy was to vacate the bargaining table to confer with the powers with ability to make descions and return with answers.

The answer was always the same to any of our proposals. It was always NO. No dialogue to try and resolve our issues, just simply NO.

Hudbay’s agenda has always been to impose their will upon all the Unions and the only satisfactory resolution is to accept what they give us.

It is one sided negotiations.

Hudbay has threatened it employees the closure of the plant in order to bully and impose their will.

This is simply Union busting.

A Union is only as strong as the solidarity of its members focused on what is fair and what is reasonable.

They are using fear to break the solidarity of our Unions, either agree to their terms or you will no longer have a job.

The tactic they are using with the IAM on strike is to try and starve them into submission.

This is the new blueprint big corporations are now employing against all Unions.

These corporations have all levels of government in their back pocket who together are removing labour laws reducing the power Unions have in their ability to fight for what is fair.

All Unions must maintain the solidarity among their members in the wake of the threat of job loss.

We must remain focused on the big picture when these companies starve their Unions to force them to submit.

We must overcome fear.

We must sacrifice.

We will feel pain.

If we allow these tactics to break us they will always win.

If these tactics are successful, it will be the blueprint of how we will be treated for the rest of working lives.