Production Targets???

Rob Winton, Vice President Manitoba Business Unit, has gone on record to state that Hudbay Manitoba is at, or exceeding, production targets in the absence of striking members of the IAM Union. These members consist of Heavy Duty and Industrial Mechanics, Pipefitters, Machinists, Tire Techs and Oilers.

What production targets is he referring to?

Reliable sources from inside the operation, including members of other unions and staff, have told IAM that the plant is currently not running anywhere near full production.

These sources have told us that the zinc cell house is not operating at full production. At full production, the cell house strips zinc cathodes on a daily basis. We have been told that they are now stripping zinc cathodes only once every 3-4 days. Our math indicates that production is down by almost 75%.

The Flin Flon Mill is also not operating at full production. The Crusher, which is a unit in the Mill, has been down for stretches of up to 5 days in a row. This means that no ore has been crushed to be sent to the Mill to be processed. Sources tell us that the reason behind this significant amount of idle time is that there is no ore available.

We have also received reports that 777 Mine is having significant issues in the continued maintenance of its mining equipment. To be exact, there have been periods in the mine where there is no mining equipment available to Hudbay Miners because of breakdowns. In many instances only 5-10 pieces of equipment are available – and this from a very large fleet of equipment. On the 777 Mine Shift Boss Daily Reports, the status of up to 37 pieces of mining equipment are reported to management as being in need of repair.

When 777 Mine is at full production, in excess of 200 skips of ore are being brought to the surface to be processed each shift. Sources tell us that right now between 10-50 skips a shift is the new normal.

Flin Flon residents are used to feeling two blasts per day from 777 Mine – when was the last time you felt a consistent blasting schedule under your feet?

Whether management wants to admit it or not, the Plant and Mines at Hudbay in northern Manitoba are losing millions of dollars a day in lost production.

IAM calculates Hudbay is spending well over a million dollars a month on a contingency plan. Does this make good business sense to anyone?

What are the production goals currently being set by Hudbay management?

How much shareholder money is Hudbay willing to lose to break the IAM?

Do the shareholders even know the real truth of what is really going on in northern Manitoba?

The only logical solution is to negotiate a fair contract with the IAM to stop the bleeding.

But it seems with the current Hudbay management in northern Manitoba, logic doesn’t exist!