IAM’s Goals in Negotiations

From the very beginning of this negotiation process, IAMAW1848 (IAM) has been very clear about our goals:

  • To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the grievance procedure,
  • To address our issues regarding contracting out of IAM jobs, and
  • A wage rate that is competitive in the existing labour market.

Fixing the current grievance procedure would be cost neutral for Hudbay. In fact, a timely and effective grievance procedure would have many benefits, including improved employee morale and increased productivity.

Addressing contracting out issues would be a cost saving for Hudbay, as no one disagrees that contractors cost substantially more than paying your own employees.

Offering a competitive wage rate would support Hudbay’s efforts to recruit and retain qualified tradespeople, which has been difficult in the past few years. When IAM went on strike, Hudbay had 30 vacant trades’ positions, which are normally filled by IAM members, that couldn’t be fill.

Employee turnover is expensive to industry in terms of orientation and training, all of IAM’s proposals were developed to attract and retain the best possible workforce.

IAM’s membership gave us a clear mandate to continue to pursue these goals at the bargaining table, which is what we are prepared to do. Hopefully, Hudbay agrees that their mandate should be expanded to deal with some or all of the above issues.