June 28 Bargaining Update


Rob Winton, Vice President, Manitoba Unit has gone on record to state Hudbay’s version of what transpired in the latest round of bargaining.  Mr. Winton should come and sit at the table and hear the information first hand so he can make informed decisions based on the facts, not on second hand information.

He states on April 30, that Hudbay presented the IAM with a formal offer in front of the conciliator.

IAM met with Hudbay staff on April 30 to discuss the continuation of benefits during a strike, as IAM had given strike notice to Hudbay earlier that week. At this meeting, Hudbay’s HR Manager put a second final offer on the table but did not introduce the offer or initiate any discussion of it.  The only discussion that took place in that meeting was the continuation of benefits.  After the Hudbay staff left, we read the offer, and to our dismay, we found it contained proposals that had never been discussed since bargaining began in early November.

Since there was no discussion of this new offer and the new proposals in it, or even a statement that it was a new final offer, IAM executive did not take it back for a vote. However, IAM Members were made aware of the document.

On June 24, the IAM negotiating team did meet with Hudbay’s team with the assistance of a senior conciliation officer. We had an agreement in principle on some issues. Hudbay was going to prepare these documents for the IAM’s review. When the IAM International Rep went to pick up these documents he once again found new proposals that had not been discussed in the conciliation meeting. We did not receive these documents until the senior conciliator had already departed on the evening plane. Our Rep stated that these new proposals must be removed in order for any more discussion to take place on the document. He was told no. We never shook hands. We thought the deal was dead.

In the morning June 25, we were able to contact the senior conciliation officer and inform him of the new items that Hudbay had inserted in the document. In the early afternoon, Hudbay’s HR manager reached out to our IAM rep to facilitate a meeting between the two. At this meeting, a discussion took place about what it would take to get a recommendation from the IAM negotiating team. Hudbay showed no interest in getting a recommendation. The HR manager and the IAM Rep discussed the removal of the new proposals from the document.

At 4 pm that day, the IAM negotiating team met with Hudbay. This was the first time that the IAM had laid eyes on the new strike settlement offer. Together, we combed through the document and agreed to some changes. Hudbay also gave the IAM a return to work agreement which was the first time we had seen this document as well. We reviewed it; we discussed it, and agreed to some changes. This was the first time that we had signed off on anything during this entire bargaining process. We did shake their hand.

During these meetings, there was never any discussion on a recommendation from the IAM negotiating team.

If Mr. Winton wants to speak of honor and keeping your word…


In solidarity,

Your Negotiating Committee