Rec Club in Turmoil



The Mechanical and Construction Recreation Club was established in around the time that Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company first founded the Flin Flon ore deposit.

It is a legitimate club with an elected president, vice, secretary and treasurer. We have representatives in all our departments so we can keep a pulse of what is going on. We hold monthly meetings and record minutes to keep in touch.

The main reason this club was created was for retirement parties for HBM&S employees who bled red for it.

The only way an hourly employee would have a retirement party was if this rec club held one for him.

I guess up to 40 years service didn’t warrant one from HBM&S.

We would try our best to give him the right send off. We would rent a hall. Find a caterer for a wonderful supper. Have speeches where kind words, from dear colleagues and friends were shared. It was followed by a social and dance.

Many people don’t realize that in many cases we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our family at home.

So making sure he knows he is appreciated and never will be forgotten is important to us.

Today the rec club has changed from those early days. We still hold retirement parties, but it has become so much more.

Long ago it was decided to hold many more events to help boost our workers morale. Events were created so that members could mingle with co-workers. We invited our retirees to participate and catch up with what is going on their lives since they left us.

We even allowed our supervisors, foremen, superintendents and managers to join to build a good rapport outside the workplace.

It is a good and healthy thing for everyone.

We hold golf tournaments, a curling bonspiel, Halloween, Christmas and a pool party for our kids, dart tournament, hunting and fishing knife draw, prizes for largest fish caught and biggest deer and moose horns shot, Annual meeting, good and welfare,  and a Christmas turkey draw.

Our operation costs and prizes for these events come from donations, event registration fees but mostly from our annual rec club dues fee.

 We charge each member an annual due fee of $36.

We only have around 150 members so we rely on this money to make our events a success.

For many years we have relied on pay roll deduction to collect this money for us.

Today this is not so.

Our new company Hudbay has told us that they cannot collect our dues off of payroll deduction anymore.

They told us with their new payroll system that it is too difficult to do this for us.

Without this deduction our rec club will collapse and no longer exist.

The workers and staff are not that important anymore.

What is puzzling is that when it was decided that Hudbay would not collect union dues from the IAM anymore, there was no problem in making the payroll adjustment.

It seems that nothing is too difficult when it comes to punishing us.

Our well being morale means nothing anymore.