Scabs Among Us?




As the IAM enters into its eighth week of the strike, one has to wonder how the mines continue to run and what kind of shape has it deteriorated into without the services of mechanics.

There is only one plausible answer….SCABS.

Hudbay wants us to believe that they are meeting or exceeding production budgets in our absence.

Sources from the inside tell us this is not so.

But the mines are still limping along because of Hudbay’s use of illegal scab labour.

They are illegal because it undermines the bargaining process. How can it be bargaining in good faith when you employ scab workers to do the work of the Union that you are supposed to be negotiating with?

This is now called Union busting and that is against the law.

The companies we believe that is supplying scab labour are:


These company’s maintain that they are sticking to audits and warranty work on their machinery.

Information we have received makes us believe that it is a lie.

Why would these companies pull out their local workers out and replace them with out of town workers if they weren’t breaking the rules?

They are doing our daily work. They are repairing the machinery in the mine to try keep it running.

They are stealing food from our family’s tables.

They are assisting Hudbay in starving out their own employees who are on strike for a better way of life.

Hudbay is forcing their own unionized employees to work alongside scab workers while their friends and family sit on the picket line.

Hudbay has no morales and does not care about the employees at work or on the picket line.

Hudbay doesn’t even care about the scab workers or the companies that supply them.

Once the strike is over, these companies will bring their local workers back.

They will expect our mechanics to work beside them.

Are we supposed to forget the pain this has caused us?

It doesn’t matter what we think.

All that matters to Hudbay is the bottom line.