It seems that this company does not care about the well being of their employees.

They do not care about the stress they are causing the employees that have signed this new contract and the IAM that remain out on strike.

They will not deal with the major issues the IAM have and refuse to offer a solution that is fair and what we deserve.

They have used unfair bargaining practices with all Unions right from the start.

Threats of lock outs and time dated contracts is nothing more than schoolyard bullying that we tell our children they must stand up to.

They have divided our Unions by offering each one crumbs more than the one before.

Now our Union brothers and sisters are forced to cross a picket line.

It’s a picket line that consists of their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.

They are also aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

This not only affects their lives at work but it’s brought home every day.

We have let them divide our Unions and now it is dividing our families and friends.

Hudbay now forces our Union brothers and sisters to work alongside scab labour.

Jobs that belong to the IAM.

The IAM are not only their Union brothers and sisters, it is their family and friends.

Does the anger and frustration matter?

Hudbay forces middle management to try and fulfill our duties in our absence.

They work countless hours to try keep the plant running.

Each day they work is another day we starve.

Does Hudbay not care about the hard feelings this is causing?

These people are our frontline supervision and foremen.

When this is finished we will all have to work together.

Do they not care about the strained relations?

Do they not understand the damage this is causing?

Or do they even care?

Does the stress you cause your employees matter?

Are breaking your employee’s and Union’s all that’s important?

Creating a workforce that no longer cares will be the result.

Crushed morale is all that will be left.