Our Holidays?



Many of our members have been contacting the Human Resources Department requesting that their holiday pay be paid out while we are out on strike.

While we are on strike we do not receive any pay cheques from Hudbay.

We do not receive Unemployment Insurance.

 For many of our members all they have to rely on is a weekly strike pay cheque from our international of $150.

You must picket on the strike line to be entitled to it.

We understand that we chose to go out on strike. We had no choice. We will not be treated as second class citizens.

It’s a sacrifice we chose to make a better life for us and our families.

We want a better life for our children who follow in our footsteps.

We will not allow corporate greed to thrive on the backs of the working man who are paid sub-standard wages.

But.. $150 a week isn’t enough to pay the bills.

It’s barely enough to survive.

Our members have reached out to HR to have their holiday pay paid out to them for some financial relief.

Holiday pay they have earned from last year’s work year.

We were told that we were only allowed to cash out a portion of what belongs to us.

Management says we must maintain 80 hours of holidays in their bank.


They have a policy stating that is how it must be.

Some of our members haven’t even acquired 80 hours of holiday time yet.

They aren’t entitled to any of it?

We have reached out to the labour board to resolve this injustice.

They tell us there is nothing that can be done.

How can this be right?

This is our holiday pay that we have earned working for this company, helping them earn billions of dollars of profit.

Their employees and their families who now suffer do not matter.

This is another corporate bullying tactic to starve us and to make us submit.

Hudbay…when are you going to wake up?

Your tactics only make us stronger.

Our resolve will never waver.

We will never give up this fight until we get what is right and what we deserve.

We will always stay strong.