Week 7 Update



As the IAM enters into its seventh week of the strike we want to thank our members on their continued strength and resolve through this difficult process. The only way to get our issues resolved is to continue this fight. This is the most important battle of our working lives as it will dictate the way Hudbay treats its employees for the years to come. Hudbay will respect us.

The results of the ratification vote are in from the trades association:

Carpenters 85%

Boilermakers 66%

Electricians 53%

We can say that we are disappointed with the results but will respect the decision that their memberships have chosen. It’s unfortunate that without a deadline or any kind of threatening repercussions, they did not send their bargaining committees back to the table.

It is unfair that the Steelworkers received an average wage increase of 14.5% while the IAM were offered 10.9%.

We all work for the same company.

It seems that the contingency plan has a bottomless bank account. The price tag that Hudbay has spent is now in the millions of dollars. We cannot understand why this company is willing to waste this massive amount of shareholders money to teach us a lesson. By our calculations they have spent more money to fight us than it would have cost them to pay its employees a fair wage for the entire three year agreement.

We know the plant is running nowhere near full production, no matter what Hudbay wants us to believe.

The mines are not producing the amount of ore needed to feed the plant to run at capacity.

As all Flin Flon residents know, we feel the blast under our feet every time they occur.

When was the last time there was a consistent schedule?

They are still relying on a dwindling stockpile to keep the plant running in this idle mode but it will not last much longer.

How much longer can their staff tradesmen keep working to try and keep this plant running till they burn out and finally collapse?

They cannot replace our 180 members that worked hard every day to keep it running.

It will all collapse.

How much bleeding will they allow to happen before they let us help bandage the wound.

This strike is destroying our relations.

It must be fixed before the damaged relations become too great.

We need to remember that one day we will once again have to work together.

We need to negotiate a fair contract for us all and get back to work so we all can once again make money.