IAM – Union Proud

June 4, 2015


IAM has heard some disparaging comments around town regarding IAM members opting to work during the strike and we want to clear the air.

Some members have chosen to find temporary work; others have decided to leave Hudbay permanently.  Still more may decide to do the same before this is over.  IAM believes that until Hudbay is prepared to treat their workforce with the respect they deserve, we cannot begrudge anyone who chooses to move on.

The IAM supports a member’s right to earn a livelihood.  A strike does not mean a family has to go without because support is required on the picket line.  IAM members spoke clearly when we voted 96% to reject Hudbay’s final offer, knowing that it would lead to job action.  THAT is how IAM members supported this process and, although we are glad to have people on the picket line, our members gave us a strong voice when we needed it.  Their support is appreciated regardless of their plans during the strike.

We do not feel that leaving Hudbay is a sign of disloyalty or a lack of fortitude.  We believe that IAM members could not have been more supportive of this process and we are proud of our men and women who have taken a stand.

Any member who decides to move on during this time should not face criticism but should leave with their head held high, knowing it is Hudbay’s loss.

Stand Tall – Stay Strong