History Repeat Itself ?


On the eve of the Steelworkers local 7106 and local 9338 monumental vote on the final offer they received, there is a lot to think about.

The only way the Steelworkers would receive a final offer was if they agreed to recommend it to their membership.

If they didn’t recommend it, they wouldn’t receive any offer and would be locked out of the plant.

Is this not the same as holding a loaded gun to their head?

How can this be bargaining in good faith?

Is this 1997 again?

Are we going to let this company bully its workers and our community again?

Fool me once, shame on you…

Fool me twice , shame on me!

Are we going to let this company scare us into another unfair contract.

How can we accept crumbs off the floor when management is enjoying loaves of bread on the table above us.

We must look up.

It may take a struggle to reach up and grab it.

But we cannot settle and starve off of the floor.

We cannot let this happen twice.

This time it’s different.

In ’97, if the vote didn’t go their way they were closing the doors.

The first one didn’t go right so they had a second, which did…

Then low and behold, from under our nose out appeared the cell house and 777.

Billions and billions of dollars have come out of this ground.

Here we our today.

Will we let history repeat itself ?