Send Them Back To The Table


The United Steelworkers Local 7106 have reached a tentative deal with Hudbay that its executive will recommend to its membership for a ratification vote that will take place on Saturday May 30, Sunday May 31 and Monday June 01.

We would like to interpret this deal because it is almost identical to the final offer that the IAM membership rejected by the overwhelming margin of 96%.

Hudbay has maintained it’s attitude towards it’s employees since the beginning of our 2012 agreement.

They employ a management style where employees are bullied and threatened, then beaten into submission so that management can get their will.

One has to wonder if this is Hudbay’s policy for management everywhere. In their third world holdings, where the workers don’t have rights, this attitude may succeed and they can impose their will without consequence.

We all must stand up to this corporate bully.

The way Hudbay treats us is appalling and it must be stopped.

Now to the tentative deal.

In plain and simple English, it is a BAD DEAL!

USW’s bargaining committee was forced into a recommendation because management knew that they promised to bring back any offer for the membership to vote on. Under the threat of a lockout, and the addition of 25c in the second year of the agreement, they had no choice.

They promised not to leave any money on the table, but 25c over a year is only $520.

It’s NOT ENOUGH, but if we fight together it can be so much more. Industry standard is what we deserve.

None of our important language issues have been addressed. Zero, natta, zilch, NOT ONE!

The language in our CBA must be changed. It’s not working. They interpret it as they see fit and then operate without rules.

USW has been offered the Federal Mediation language that has been in the IAM’s CBA for the last 3 years to deal with grievances. It does not work. It’s as slow as the current grievance procedure.

Real language changes must be made NOW to make it efficient and effective to deal with our issues.

Contracting out language has not been addressed. Until the language is fixed we will continue to lose more and more of our jobs to contractors. We must STOP IT NOW!

The IAM has stood up to Hudbay…

We will not be threatened. We will not be bullied. We will not be intimidated. We will not be lied to.

We aren’t afraid. We will be respected. We will stand tall. We won’t bend. We will NEVER BREAK!

We will sacrifice and we will hold this line until it is fixed.

We need everyone to join us in this fight.

Together we will make this company listen. We will get what is fair and what we deserve.

We can’t be selfish. We must sacrifice. Nothing will be given to us.

We can’t be afraid. This company would not spend millions on contingency plans, millions in the zinc cell house, buy the gold mill in Snow Lake, develop Lalor and Reed Mines, if they were shutting the doors.

We will not believe company lies anymore.

When you cast your ballot, you must do what is right, you must vote NO!

You must send your bargaining Committee back to the table.

We must all tell Hudbay WE WANT THE RESPECT WE DESERVE!