We would like to share with everyone a couple inspirational and moving stories that has given us a much broader outlook on the IAM’s crusade for justice for all worker’s rights here in Flin Flon.

This battle against corporate greed is not only here.

This battle is taking place in different towns and cities.

It’s taking place in countries all around the world.

As our members were manning our picket line a unknown vehicle with a person who nobody recognized approached it.

He was an older fellow and our member who was talking to him could tell he was emotional.

He refused to give us his name and wanted to remain anonymous. All he would tell us was that he was a heavy duty mechanic like one of us. He said he was from South Africa and he was here representing all workers from his home country.

He told us not to ever give up the fight. He told us to keep fighting until we get every issue of ours solved. You don’t realize how big this battle is everywhere. Corporate greed can never win.

He said he wished to make a small donation on their behalf.

It was $500, and said there is more to come.

Today another stranger came to our office.

He to was an older fellow and was also very emotional.

He asked who he could give a small donation to.

He told us to never give up the fight and never stop battling. You must continue the fight against these greedy corporations. Your strength is an inspiration. Tell all your Unions to join you and fight for what is right.

It was $1000.

We all shook his hand and asked him his name. He told us that his name wasn’t important. All that is, is what we are doing.

As he was leaving we asked him where did all this money come from?

He turned around and said, this money comes from miners in Brazil. They work hard everyday in the mines for $400 a month and they find what you are doing here in Flin Flon an inspiration and wanted to help.

It was a humbling experience that we will never forget.

The workers in these countries are now starting to fight for their workers rights.

They are facing off against their government and army in order to get them.

Many of them die in the riots and protests for what we take for granted.

We are their inspiration?

We promise them

We will never give up the fight. We will never bend or break. We won’t waiver. We will be steadfast. We will be strong to the bitter end.

We will never allow corporate greed to ever win!