Divide and conquer has been a war tactic used since the beginning of time.

It’s simple in how it works, it is easier to defeat your enemy by splitting up its forces and defeat the smaller parts than the whole all at once.

Threatening, bullying and scaring the enemy before battle is how it starts.

This has been Hudbay’s agenda all along.

Why are we allowing this to happen?

Doesn’t everyone get that this is the battle for our lives. If we lose this battle, we are sacrificing our future and the futures of generations to come.

We have come out of a 15 year agreement where Hudbay has raped and pillaged their employees. They have taken away all that they can and have given us nothing.

There was nothing we could do, our hands were tied.

Until now.

Hudbay doesn’t respect us. Hudbay doesn’t care about us. They employ 1930’s labour relations with their employees when there were no rights. Beating us into submission is all they know.

Breaking our Unions is their ultimate goal.

Make no mistake about it, we are now at war.

Hudbay is willing to sacrifice production.

Spend millions on a contingency plan.

Risk losing their skilled trades.

Run their plant into the ground.

All to win.

Why aren’t we all sacrificing to win.

The IAM is fighting the battle for all of us.

Why must only we sacrifice to win this fight.

Where is all our other union brothers and sisters?

Our fight is your fight. Our gains are your gains.

We cannot let Hudbay divide us

We cannot let Hudbay bully and threaten us into an unfair agreement.

We cannot be afraid. We cannot be selfish. We all must make a sacrifice for the better.

Together, all Unions must stand up and be heard. This is the time to make a change for our future.

Hudbay will respect us. We will solve our issues. We will get paid fairly.

We will change this company’s attitude.

We can once again be proud to be Hudbay employees.

It is time everyone stepped up and join this fight to get what we deserve.