Staying Strong

June 1, 2015


IAM would like to thank the members and executives of USW locals 7106 and 9338 for their continued support during this stressful time. We recognize the effort your bargaining committee put in to get a contract that the large majority of USW members are satisfied with – despite the bad faith bargaining tactics used by Hudbay. As a group, we are of course disappointed, as we would have appreciated adding your voices to the cause – but our fight is with Hudbay.

We believe that infighting will only serve to weaken our cause and our community and we will not give Hudbay that victory. Each union will eventually have the same choices IAM and USW have had to make. IAM will continue to hold the line and all we ask is for your continued support.

Thank you to our co-workers who continue to work safely in our absence and to those who have spent time with us on the line, to community members who have dropped by to ask questions and make donations, to the generosity of our local businesses, and to everyone who has offered support in any way.

Let’s continue to show solidarity in the face of Hudbay’s tactics.