Contracting Out?


Contracting out of IAM jobs is one of the biggest issues that our Union has to deal with.

It creates the majority of the grievances that we file against management.

Before this strike started we had a membership of 181 members.

Since we have been on strike we have had 10 of our members retire. That leaves us with a membership now of 171 members.

Using our math, if we were at our full manning levels throughout the surface plant and all our mines we should have a membership of 210 members working at Hudbay.

From our calculations, we are 40 members short.

That could be 40 families added to our communities that would increase our tax base and help pay for infrastructure.

It’s an additional 40 IAM jobs that must be filled before any contractor is allowed to do our work.

Contractors are payed at a much higher wage rate than our members.

The companies that provide them even get paid more. This could be up to $200/hr per each contract employee.

It is huge money.

Don’t get us wrong, there is a place for contractors in the mining industry. Many of them actually live in our community with their families and many are our friends and family.

But many do not, their money leaves with them not supporting our community infrastructure at all.

Why are we so short?

How does it make business sense to pay a contractor at $200/hr when they could pay their own employee at the industry standard of $42/hr?

The solution is easy.

Start paying your tradespeople at the industry standard. Not only will you keep the seasoned plant savvy ones you have, you will attract many more.

Fix the issues with your apprentice wage gap and service agreement and you will create more.

Stop wasting millions of Hudbay’s money on contractors.

It’s time to start investing in your own employees.

Only working together, we will maximize profits for us all.

In solidarity,

Your negotiating Committee