Week 4 Strike Update



As the IAM strike enters it’s fourth week, we want to applaud the strength and resolve our membership have shown with our continued strong presence on the strike line.

The first strike pay cheque is now available to our eligible members who have been manning our picket lines. Future cheques can be collected every Friday of each week from our union office.

As many of you know already we have filed a formal complaint to the labour board through the local law firm Ginnell, Bauman and Watt. The grounds for the case is unfair bargaining and the illegal use of replacement workers. There has never been a bargaining process from the start, and being told no is not bargaining in good faith. The people who can make decisions have never sat at the bargaining table with us. Their negotiating team have been following a script from the very start with no power to make any decisions. This has never been about bargaining, it’s been about breaking this union all along. The use of scab workers to break the union is against the law.

We believe there is 12 scab workers now working in our mines at 777, Lalor and Reed. The companies that are supplying these scab workers are Procon, McClean Engineering, Atlas Copco, Dumas, Sedarc and Sandvik. Hudbay wants us to all believe that these contractors are sticking to audits and warranty of their equipment. This is not true. We have received information that these scab workers are doing our work to try and keep the mine running.

We want our members to know that our strike and our issues are starting to go worldwide. When we started our strike our web page had 100,000 hits. We checked our website recently to see what kind of activity has been taking place on it. We couldn’t believe it. We have gone viral. We found that our web page is now up to 530,000 hits. We have had 300,000 hits in the month of May alone. Shareholders, our members, members of our community, management and people around the world are following our cause. We have had investment firms with major stake in Hudbay stock reaching out us to get our side of what is taking place here in Flin Flon and Snow Lake. They are no longer drinking the juice that Hudbay is providing.

We have also made an inquiry into the permits that allow the buses supplied by Hudbay to operate. We have reached out to our NDP government to ask why they would sign permits to allow buses supplied by a corporation to cross a picket line when a union is on strike. The NDP government has been a labour friendly, pro-union party since its inception. The NDP has lost it’s way. They have made a huge mistake and we hope they will remedy this situation. We are waiting for a response from Steve Ashton, the Minister of Transportation. We hope he sees the light.

On a final note, we want to implore our membership to remain steadfast and strong. We must stand tall. We must stand together in solidarity. We cannot waiver. This battle is too important. Hudbay will not break this union. Together we will get what we deserve.

In solidarity,

your Negotiating Commitee