Grievance Procedure?


Hudbay’s management wants us to believe that there is no problems with the current grievance procedure in place.

They believe that it is efficient and deals with all Union issues in a timely fashion.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

In 2015, we have over 20 grievances awaiting arbitration.

We have recently advanced over 60 grievances from our backlog to arbitration on contracting out.

It is not working.

With the current procedure in place we will be lucky to bring 2 to 3 cases to arbitration in a year.

By our math, it is going to take 27 years to arbitrate our current backlog, and that’s not including new cases that are bound to surface.

One of our proposals for the new contract was to bring an arbitrator in once every 6 months to clear our backlog in a timely and efficient manner.

Many of these grievances are serious infractions against our CBA. They include contracting out of our jobs at an unprecedented rate, wrongful dismissal of our members and unqualified personnel doing our work.

We were told NO.


For one, while a case is under grievance, Hudbay continues operate as they see fit, disregarding what the guidelines in our CBA permits. They continue to do so until the case goes to arbitration and a ruling against them forces them to stop. The problem is that it can take years for the case to be heard. Once the system is log-jammed, they operate without rules.

How convenient.

The second reason is that this current procedure gives the perception that the union is no longer effective. If it can take months or even years to resolve any issues. With that much time, how effective is it? It’s not the Union at fault, it’s a system destined to fail and to make us look powerless.

Why would Hudbay want a change?

Good labor relations with their Unions is not a priority.

Resolving issues is even less.

All that matters is operating however they see fit.

In solidarity,

Your Negotiating Committee