Controlled Shutdown

It is now clear that management had no intention to bargain with our union in good faith. It is obvious that they had an agenda right from the start and never waivered from their plan. This bargaining process never stood a chance.

None of our outstanding language issues were addressed and the wage enhancements were nowhere near what we had hoped for or deserve. They left us with only one option, taking strike action with the direction our membership has indicated.

We have reached out to management in assisting them with a controlled shut down of all operations. We want to ensure the easiest most efficient restart of the plant once it resumes operation.

Management believes they can continue to run their operation in our absence. Let us make this clear, we are the heart of the operation. We repair and maintain all the equipment and machinery needed to run. Our skill, knowledge and experience CANNOT be replaced. Very soon equipment will break down and the plant will begin to ramp down. Unfortunately it will shut itself down in an uncontrolled manner inflicting damage that could have been easily been avoided.

Now the restart will become very expensive and could take from weeks to even months until the plant resumes full operation.

From the shareholders, board of directors and employees of Hudbay we are all invested in what is about to happen in the future.

Make no mistake about it, this is exactly what will happen regardless of what management wants us to believe.

In solidarity

Your negotiating team