April 27 update

We met with Hudbays negotiating team on Monday April 27 in one last final attempt to reach a fair agreement that we could recommend to our membership. We met with them over a six hour period. Unfortunately, we came nowhere near to getting an agreement.

Management’s attempt at hijacking our health plan has failed. We were told to stop terrorizing the widows of our community with misinformation. They have agreed to remove all their proposed language changes in the plan and leave it as it sits currently in our CBA.

One of our main objectives was in the reduction in the gap of apprentice and certified trade wage rates. Their solution was a 2 increment increase at the 8th period for Heavy Duty and Industrial mechanics. They somehow forgot that we also have pipe fitters and machinists. Their reasoning was that if apprentices are paid too well, they will be unmotivated to complete their apprenticeship. They would not discuss changes to the service agreement. This is unacceptable.

We were told that there is no more money on the table for wage enhancements. All that could be done is moving the $1.50 increase from the third year into the second. This is unacceptable.

Even though none of our major language issues were addressed such as the grievance procedure and contracting out, we tried in one final attempt in getting a recommendation from this committee. We proposed a $1.25 skilled trade wage adjustment on top of the wage enhancements and a 6 increment pay raise for all apprentices beginning at the start of their apprenticeship. At 3am this morning we were told NO.

These were all verbal discussion and we never received any written documentation from Hudbay. This is where we now stand.

In solidarity

Your negotiating team