cancellation of extended shifts

On April 21, 2015 our Collective Bargaining Agreement and all other letters outside the CBA expired. We would like to advise the membership that our union will continue to honor the terms and conditions of the expired collective agreement. However effective immediately the extended shift agreements between Hudbay and this union will be canceled. From now on, all employees who work more than 8 hours will be paid overtime rates for the duration of the shift. We also want to remind the membership that overtime is only mandatory in emergency situations, not for daily operations. You do not have to work overtime if you choose not to.

Hudbay is willing to pay scab workers $60/hour for 8 hours and $90/hour for any extended shift. They are willing to pay for a security firm at an estimated $50,000/day. Surely, paying their own employees overtime that we are entitled to should not be a problem.

In solidarity,

Your Negotiating Committee