Health and Safety Representatives

All Health and Safety Stewards will now be easier to identify in our workplaces at Hudbay Manitoba Division thanks to an idea from Ken Bateman, new Health and Safety Representative.  Safety Stewards will be wearing gray hard hats making them quickly distinguishable from other workers.  hard hat IAMAW1848 Safety Stewards Derald Groff (left) and Ken Oliynyk model the new hard hats.  The Safety Steward is there to protect your rights and to ensure the employer abides by the Manitoba H&S Mines Act.  If you have any concerns regarding Health and Safety look for the new gray hard hat or contact the IAMAW1848 office at 204-687-4293.  Remember we have legislation in Manitoba that protects workers from doing unsafe work.  You have a RIGHT TO REFUSE  work you feel unsafe for yourself OR any other worker. Let us stand together to protect this Provincial Legislation. The Federal Progressive Conservatives have already weakened the Federal Right to Refuse Legislation by hiding changes to it in an omnibus bill masquerading as a Federal Budget bill. Be Safe, Keep Informed, Stay Unified!