IAM Update Meeting





The IAM bargaining committee will be holding a general meeting to update our membership and to answer any questions or concerns to the best of our ability.

It will be held on Friday June 12 at 3pm at the Steel Centre.

We urge all members to please make every effort to attend.

Week 6 Update




As The IAM enters its 6th week of strike action against our employer Hudbay, we are starting to get answers to many questions now.

It has now become obvious that Hudbay is trying to divide our unions. They have used their favorite bargaining tool of bullying and threatening its employees to get what they want. This company relies on creating fear.

 Why would management hang the threat of locking out its employees if it was a fair and decent contract?

Why would management put an expiration date on it before it became null and void?

If it was a contract that management was proud of, why not let the employees decide without the manipulation?

 It’s unfortunate that some have signed for only scraps and trimmings, while the entire steak still remained on the table.

The electrical, carpenter and boilermaker unions have now been meeting with management and now are bringing the final offer that the steelworkers ratified last week. The offer was recommended for a $500 signing bonus. Over the 3 year agreement it works out to $0.08/hr.

How can this be right?

The steelworkers signed for a wage increase of 16.9% over the duration of the contract.

Why must we settle for only 10.9%?

Aren’t we worth more than labourers?

Skilled workers go to school and our mentored for 4 to 5 years until they are complete.

Industry standard in the Pas and Thompson for trades is $7/hr more.

How could any of us settle for any less?

No new language to our broken grievance procedure is present. It’s impossible to resolve any of our issues. It must be fixed.

Contractors are taking our jobs without any recourse. Contracting out language must be changed so we can keep our jobs, where they belong, with us.

Each final offer is getting better, but we can only get what we want if we fight.

Help us win this fight. Together we can do better. Together, this fight will be won faster.

We cannot accept second class wages.

We must create a new grievance procedure that is efficient and resolves our issues in a timely manner.

Stop contracting out our jobs.

The IAM, consisting of trades just like yourself, rejected the offer by 96%.

We cannot accept bread crumbs anymore.

Only together can we stand tall.

We must have a strong voice.

Send them back to the table.


IAM – Union Proud

June 4, 2015


IAM has heard some disparaging comments around town regarding IAM members opting to work during the strike and we want to clear the air.

Some members have chosen to find temporary work; others have decided to leave Hudbay permanently.  Still more may decide to do the same before this is over.  IAM believes that until Hudbay is prepared to treat their workforce with the respect they deserve, we cannot begrudge anyone who chooses to move on.

The IAM supports a member’s right to earn a livelihood.  A strike does not mean a family has to go without because support is required on the picket line.  IAM members spoke clearly when we voted 96% to reject Hudbay’s final offer, knowing that it would lead to job action.  THAT is how IAM members supported this process and, although we are glad to have people on the picket line, our members gave us a strong voice when we needed it.  Their support is appreciated regardless of their plans during the strike.

We do not feel that leaving Hudbay is a sign of disloyalty or a lack of fortitude.  We believe that IAM members could not have been more supportive of this process and we are proud of our men and women who have taken a stand.

Any member who decides to move on during this time should not face criticism but should leave with their head held high, knowing it is Hudbay’s loss.

Stand Tall – Stay Strong

Staying Strong

June 1, 2015


IAM would like to thank the members and executives of USW locals 7106 and 9338 for their continued support during this stressful time. We recognize the effort your bargaining committee put in to get a contract that the large majority of USW members are satisfied with – despite the bad faith bargaining tactics used by Hudbay. As a group, we are of course disappointed, as we would have appreciated adding your voices to the cause – but our fight is with Hudbay.

We believe that infighting will only serve to weaken our cause and our community and we will not give Hudbay that victory. Each union will eventually have the same choices IAM and USW have had to make. IAM will continue to hold the line and all we ask is for your continued support.

Thank you to our co-workers who continue to work safely in our absence and to those who have spent time with us on the line, to community members who have dropped by to ask questions and make donations, to the generosity of our local businesses, and to everyone who has offered support in any way.

Let’s continue to show solidarity in the face of Hudbay’s tactics.