2015 Contract Negotiation Update 3

Your bargaining committee met with Hudbay this morning, December 16/14.  We expected Hudbay to respond to our proposals or propose some of its own.   The Hudbay team conceded that the grievance backlog is a priority and must be dealt with.  We find this encouraging.  The majority of our language proposals hinge on the record number of grievances filed this year.  The IAM will not tolerate violations of  our collective agreement nor will it accept the excuses: “HR will do better”, “New Manitoba management”, “New HR appointments”, “We have coached the new management in that department”, etc. etc. etc.  It is time for Hudbay Management to show some leadership and “walk the talk”.  Actions speak louder than words.  We believe resolution of the outstanding grievances will create an opportunity for both parties to begin negotiations in earnest.  Dates to resolve these grievances are scheduled for January 12,13/2015.  No future negotiating dates have been set.

In Solidarity

IAMAW1848 Bargaining  Committee

2015 Contract Negotiation Update 2

Your bargaining committee met with Hudbay today, December 9/14.   The morning session consisted of  proposed changes, deletions, renewals and new letters of understanding.  The afternoon session was spent going over IAMAW 1848 language and economic proposals.  We have agreement on some existing letters as well as good discussion on others.  However these letters are tied to our language and economic proposals to which we received “NO” answers.  Hudbay informed us today that NO does not really mean NO.  Their position is that NO actually means ” rewrite your proposal” and bring it back to us.  We will not bargain with ourselves and told Hudbay such.   At our opening meeting November 13/14  Hudbay demanded our proposal, accusing our Union of not being prepared to negotiate.  We are prepared.   We passed our proposals to Hudbay on December 2/14.  As of today we have not received proposals or counter proposals from Hudbay.  Our next meeting is scheduled for December 16/14.   We, your bargaining committee, thank you again for your direction and support.

In Solidarity

IAMAW 1848 Bargaining Committee

2015 Contract Negotiation Update 1

Contract negotiations between IAMAW 1848 and Hudbay have begun.  President Rene Beauchamp, Vice President Blair Sapergia, Trustee Erik Nasselquist and Grand Lodge Representative Ian Morland are your bargaining committee. We initiated our intent to bargain with a letter dated October 2/14 requesting meeting dates to negotiate.  The HR (Human Relations)  department at Hudbay met with Rene and Erik on November 13/14 and demanded a proposal saying they need an agreement quickly as the Manitoba division is currently funding all of Hudbay’s projects here and abroad.  Negotiating dates were not secured until December 2/14 at which time your bargaining committee coached the Hudbay team on proper bargaining protocol.  Our priorities for this contract, both non economic and economic proposals, were then passed to Hudbay.  This year has seen 1848 file a record number of grievances for violations of our current Collective Bargaining Agreement.  We have put the resolution of outstanding grievances and current language proposals a priority.  Both parties agree the grievance procedure is broken, the CWS (Co-operative Wage Study) does not work and a better Union/Management relationship is needed.  Our meeting on December 5/14 has left the committee skeptical.  Our proposals to correct these issues were met with a “NO“.   Hudbay maintains the language is fine the way it is and that HR is committed to doing better.  We have heard these promises before and if history repeats itself these are empty words.  Our economic proposal is geared at attracting and retaining skilled tradespeople, training apprentices, minimizing costly contracting out ; ensuring Hudbay a prosperous, committed, skilled workforce.  The Hudbay team has rejected most of our proposals outright saying the existing language is fine.  They have given us no counter proposal as yet.  Our next meeting is Scheduled for December 9/14.  We, your bargaining committee, thank you for your tremendous support and direction.

In Solidarity

IAMAW 1848 Bargaining Committee