Week 6 Update




As The IAM enters its 6th week of strike action against our employer Hudbay, we are starting to get answers to many questions now.

It has now become obvious that Hudbay is trying to divide our unions. They have used their favorite bargaining tool of bullying and threatening its employees to get what they want. This company relies on creating fear.

 Why would management hang the threat of locking out its employees if it was a fair and decent contract?

Why would management put an expiration date on it before it became null and void?

If it was a contract that management was proud of, why not let the employees decide without the manipulation?

 It’s unfortunate that some have signed for only scraps and trimmings, while the entire steak still remained on the table.

The electrical, carpenter and boilermaker unions have now been meeting with management and now are bringing the final offer that the steelworkers ratified last week. The offer was recommended for a $500 signing bonus. Over the 3 year agreement it works out to $0.08/hr.

How can this be right?

The steelworkers signed for a wage increase of 16.9% over the duration of the contract.

Why must we settle for only 10.9%?

Aren’t we worth more than labourers?

Skilled workers go to school and our mentored for 4 to 5 years until they are complete.

Industry standard in the Pas and Thompson for trades is $7/hr more.

How could any of us settle for any less?

No new language to our broken grievance procedure is present. It’s impossible to resolve any of our issues. It must be fixed.

Contractors are taking our jobs without any recourse. Contracting out language must be changed so we can keep our jobs, where they belong, with us.

Each final offer is getting better, but we can only get what we want if we fight.

Help us win this fight. Together we can do better. Together, this fight will be won faster.

We cannot accept second class wages.

We must create a new grievance procedure that is efficient and resolves our issues in a timely manner.

Stop contracting out our jobs.

The IAM, consisting of trades just like yourself, rejected the offer by 96%.

We cannot accept bread crumbs anymore.

Only together can we stand tall.

We must have a strong voice.

Send them back to the table.


IAM – Union Proud

June 4, 2015


IAM has heard some disparaging comments around town regarding IAM members opting to work during the strike and we want to clear the air.

Some members have chosen to find temporary work; others have decided to leave Hudbay permanently.  Still more may decide to do the same before this is over.  IAM believes that until Hudbay is prepared to treat their workforce with the respect they deserve, we cannot begrudge anyone who chooses to move on.

The IAM supports a member’s right to earn a livelihood.  A strike does not mean a family has to go without because support is required on the picket line.  IAM members spoke clearly when we voted 96% to reject Hudbay’s final offer, knowing that it would lead to job action.  THAT is how IAM members supported this process and, although we are glad to have people on the picket line, our members gave us a strong voice when we needed it.  Their support is appreciated regardless of their plans during the strike.

We do not feel that leaving Hudbay is a sign of disloyalty or a lack of fortitude.  We believe that IAM members could not have been more supportive of this process and we are proud of our men and women who have taken a stand.

Any member who decides to move on during this time should not face criticism but should leave with their head held high, knowing it is Hudbay’s loss.

Stand Tall – Stay Strong

Staying Strong

June 1, 2015


IAM would like to thank the members and executives of USW locals 7106 and 9338 for their continued support during this stressful time. We recognize the effort your bargaining committee put in to get a contract that the large majority of USW members are satisfied with – despite the bad faith bargaining tactics used by Hudbay. As a group, we are of course disappointed, as we would have appreciated adding your voices to the cause – but our fight is with Hudbay.

We believe that infighting will only serve to weaken our cause and our community and we will not give Hudbay that victory. Each union will eventually have the same choices IAM and USW have had to make. IAM will continue to hold the line and all we ask is for your continued support.

Thank you to our co-workers who continue to work safely in our absence and to those who have spent time with us on the line, to community members who have dropped by to ask questions and make donations, to the generosity of our local businesses, and to everyone who has offered support in any way.

Let’s continue to show solidarity in the face of Hudbay’s tactics.

History Repeat Itself ?


On the eve of the Steelworkers local 7106 and local 9338 monumental vote on the final offer they received, there is a lot to think about.

The only way the Steelworkers would receive a final offer was if they agreed to recommend it to their membership.

If they didn’t recommend it, they wouldn’t receive any offer and would be locked out of the plant.

Is this not the same as holding a loaded gun to their head?

How can this be bargaining in good faith?

Is this 1997 again?

Are we going to let this company bully its workers and our community again?

Fool me once, shame on you…

Fool me twice , shame on me!

Are we going to let this company scare us into another unfair contract.

How can we accept crumbs off the floor when management is enjoying loaves of bread on the table above us.

We must look up.

It may take a struggle to reach up and grab it.

But we cannot settle and starve off of the floor.

We cannot let this happen twice.

This time it’s different.

In ’97, if the vote didn’t go their way they were closing the doors.

The first one didn’t go right so they had a second, which did…

Then low and behold, from under our nose out appeared the cell house and 777.

Billions and billions of dollars have come out of this ground.

Here we our today.

Will we let history repeat itself ?

May 29 Meeting Update


This morning your IAM Negotiating Team met with the Federal Conciliator to attend a meeting initiated by him to explore possibilities in resolving our outstanding issues and ending the present work stoppage.

Unfortunately his efforts were unsuccessful in resolving any of our issues and we have not found any common ground. We still remain at an impasse.

Stay Strong.

In solidarity,

Your Negotiating Committee

Send Them Back To The Table


The United Steelworkers Local 7106 have reached a tentative deal with Hudbay that its executive will recommend to its membership for a ratification vote that will take place on Saturday May 30, Sunday May 31 and Monday June 01.

We would like to interpret this deal because it is almost identical to the final offer that the IAM membership rejected by the overwhelming margin of 96%.

Hudbay has maintained it’s attitude towards it’s employees since the beginning of our 2012 agreement.

They employ a management style where employees are bullied and threatened, then beaten into submission so that management can get their will.

One has to wonder if this is Hudbay’s policy for management everywhere. In their third world holdings, where the workers don’t have rights, this attitude may succeed and they can impose their will without consequence.

We all must stand up to this corporate bully.

The way Hudbay treats us is appalling and it must be stopped.

Now to the tentative deal.

In plain and simple English, it is a BAD DEAL!

USW’s bargaining committee was forced into a recommendation because management knew that they promised to bring back any offer for the membership to vote on. Under the threat of a lockout, and the addition of 25c in the second year of the agreement, they had no choice.

They promised not to leave any money on the table, but 25c over a year is only $520.

It’s NOT ENOUGH, but if we fight together it can be so much more. Industry standard is what we deserve.

None of our important language issues have been addressed. Zero, natta, zilch, NOT ONE!

The language in our CBA must be changed. It’s not working. They interpret it as they see fit and then operate without rules.

USW has been offered the Federal Mediation language that has been in the IAM’s CBA for the last 3 years to deal with grievances. It does not work. It’s as slow as the current grievance procedure.

Real language changes must be made NOW to make it efficient and effective to deal with our issues.

Contracting out language has not been addressed. Until the language is fixed we will continue to lose more and more of our jobs to contractors. We must STOP IT NOW!

The IAM has stood up to Hudbay…

We will not be threatened. We will not be bullied. We will not be intimidated. We will not be lied to.

We aren’t afraid. We will be respected. We will stand tall. We won’t bend. We will NEVER BREAK!

We will sacrifice and we will hold this line until it is fixed.

We need everyone to join us in this fight.

Together we will make this company listen. We will get what is fair and what we deserve.

We can’t be selfish. We must sacrifice. Nothing will be given to us.

We can’t be afraid. This company would not spend millions on contingency plans, millions in the zinc cell house, buy the gold mill in Snow Lake, develop Lalor and Reed Mines, if they were shutting the doors.

We will not believe company lies anymore.

When you cast your ballot, you must do what is right, you must vote NO!

You must send your bargaining Committee back to the table.

We must all tell Hudbay WE WANT THE RESPECT WE DESERVE!



We would like to share with everyone a couple inspirational and moving stories that has given us a much broader outlook on the IAM’s crusade for justice for all worker’s rights here in Flin Flon.

This battle against corporate greed is not only here.

This battle is taking place in different towns and cities.

It’s taking place in countries all around the world.

As our members were manning our picket line a unknown vehicle with a person who nobody recognized approached it.

He was an older fellow and our member who was talking to him could tell he was emotional.

He refused to give us his name and wanted to remain anonymous. All he would tell us was that he was a heavy duty mechanic like one of us. He said he was from South Africa and he was here representing all workers from his home country.

He told us not to ever give up the fight. He told us to keep fighting until we get every issue of ours solved. You don’t realize how big this battle is everywhere. Corporate greed can never win.

He said he wished to make a small donation on their behalf.

It was $500, and said there is more to come.

Today another stranger came to our office.

He to was an older fellow and was also very emotional.

He asked who he could give a small donation to.

He told us to never give up the fight and never stop battling. You must continue the fight against these greedy corporations. Your strength is an inspiration. Tell all your Unions to join you and fight for what is right.

It was $1000.

We all shook his hand and asked him his name. He told us that his name wasn’t important. All that is, is what we are doing.

As he was leaving we asked him where did all this money come from?

He turned around and said, this money comes from miners in Brazil. They work hard everyday in the mines for $400 a month and they find what you are doing here in Flin Flon an inspiration and wanted to help.

It was a humbling experience that we will never forget.

The workers in these countries are now starting to fight for their workers rights.

They are facing off against their government and army in order to get them.

Many of them die in the riots and protests for what we take for granted.

We are their inspiration?

We promise them

We will never give up the fight. We will never bend or break. We won’t waiver. We will be steadfast. We will be strong to the bitter end.

We will never allow corporate greed to ever win!



Divide and conquer has been a war tactic used since the beginning of time.

It’s simple in how it works, it is easier to defeat your enemy by splitting up its forces and defeat the smaller parts than the whole all at once.

Threatening, bullying and scaring the enemy before battle is how it starts.

This has been Hudbay’s agenda all along.

Why are we allowing this to happen?

Doesn’t everyone get that this is the battle for our lives. If we lose this battle, we are sacrificing our future and the futures of generations to come.

We have come out of a 15 year agreement where Hudbay has raped and pillaged their employees. They have taken away all that they can and have given us nothing.

There was nothing we could do, our hands were tied.

Until now.

Hudbay doesn’t respect us. Hudbay doesn’t care about us. They employ 1930’s labour relations with their employees when there were no rights. Beating us into submission is all they know.

Breaking our Unions is their ultimate goal.

Make no mistake about it, we are now at war.

Hudbay is willing to sacrifice production.

Spend millions on a contingency plan.

Risk losing their skilled trades.

Run their plant into the ground.

All to win.

Why aren’t we all sacrificing to win.

The IAM is fighting the battle for all of us.

Why must only we sacrifice to win this fight.

Where is all our other union brothers and sisters?

Our fight is your fight. Our gains are your gains.

We cannot let Hudbay divide us

We cannot let Hudbay bully and threaten us into an unfair agreement.

We cannot be afraid. We cannot be selfish. We all must make a sacrifice for the better.

Together, all Unions must stand up and be heard. This is the time to make a change for our future.

Hudbay will respect us. We will solve our issues. We will get paid fairly.

We will change this company’s attitude.

We can once again be proud to be Hudbay employees.

It is time everyone stepped up and join this fight to get what we deserve.

Contracting Out?


Contracting out of IAM jobs is one of the biggest issues that our Union has to deal with.

It creates the majority of the grievances that we file against management.

Before this strike started we had a membership of 181 members.

Since we have been on strike we have had 10 of our members retire. That leaves us with a membership now of 171 members.

Using our math, if we were at our full manning levels throughout the surface plant and all our mines we should have a membership of 210 members working at Hudbay.

From our calculations, we are 40 members short.

That could be 40 families added to our communities that would increase our tax base and help pay for infrastructure.

It’s an additional 40 IAM jobs that must be filled before any contractor is allowed to do our work.

Contractors are payed at a much higher wage rate than our members.

The companies that provide them even get paid more. This could be up to $200/hr per each contract employee.

It is huge money.

Don’t get us wrong, there is a place for contractors in the mining industry. Many of them actually live in our community with their families and many are our friends and family.

But many do not, their money leaves with them not supporting our community infrastructure at all.

Why are we so short?

How does it make business sense to pay a contractor at $200/hr when they could pay their own employee at the industry standard of $42/hr?

The solution is easy.

Start paying your tradespeople at the industry standard. Not only will you keep the seasoned plant savvy ones you have, you will attract many more.

Fix the issues with your apprentice wage gap and service agreement and you will create more.

Stop wasting millions of Hudbay’s money on contractors.

It’s time to start investing in your own employees.

Only working together, we will maximize profits for us all.

In solidarity,

Your negotiating Committee

Health Plan Coverage


After we have inquired with management about stopping our health plan coverage and then restarting it at a future date, we were told that it is not possible.

With our limited funds we believe that stopping our coverage while our members are topped up with their prescription medication at this point will be the most cost effective measure we can employ at this time.

We are actively exploring options with different health plan providers on coverage that they can provide for us that will match the plan we are currently under.

Once a provider is found, purchasing the coverage at the time when our members are at the point that their prescription medication is running out is the most responsible action we can take moving forward.

Members should ensure that they should go see their doctor and make sure they topped up to the maximum amount of medication before Saturday May 30 when our current coverage will expire.

In solidarity,

Your negotiating Committee