Strike Settlement Offer






Your negotiating team met with Hudbay and came to a strike settlement offer. The offer is far below our expectations and does not resolve any of our major concerns to our satisfaction. Your negotiating team is not recommending this offer but we must ascertain the direction our membership will take us moving forward. Our resolve is strong and we will not accept a sub standard offer.


We will be holding information meetings and vote at the following date and times


Snow Lake

Monday June 29

11:00 am

Senior Centre


Flin Flon

Monday June 29

4:00 pm

Steel Centre


We encourage all our members to attend and let their voice be heard.

Rec Club in Turmoil



The Mechanical and Construction Recreation Club was established in around the time that Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Company first founded the Flin Flon ore deposit.

It is a legitimate club with an elected president, vice, secretary and treasurer. We have representatives in all our departments so we can keep a pulse of what is going on. We hold monthly meetings and record minutes to keep in touch.

The main reason this club was created was for retirement parties for HBM&S employees who bled red for it.

The only way an hourly employee would have a retirement party was if this rec club held one for him.

I guess up to 40 years service didn’t warrant one from HBM&S.

We would try our best to give him the right send off. We would rent a hall. Find a caterer for a wonderful supper. Have speeches where kind words, from dear colleagues and friends were shared. It was followed by a social and dance.

Many people don’t realize that in many cases we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our family at home.

So making sure he knows he is appreciated and never will be forgotten is important to us.

Today the rec club has changed from those early days. We still hold retirement parties, but it has become so much more.

Long ago it was decided to hold many more events to help boost our workers morale. Events were created so that members could mingle with co-workers. We invited our retirees to participate and catch up with what is going on their lives since they left us.

We even allowed our supervisors, foremen, superintendents and managers to join to build a good rapport outside the workplace.

It is a good and healthy thing for everyone.

We hold golf tournaments, a curling bonspiel, Halloween, Christmas and a pool party for our kids, dart tournament, hunting and fishing knife draw, prizes for largest fish caught and biggest deer and moose horns shot, Annual meeting, good and welfare,  and a Christmas turkey draw.

Our operation costs and prizes for these events come from donations, event registration fees but mostly from our annual rec club dues fee.

 We charge each member an annual due fee of $36.

We only have around 150 members so we rely on this money to make our events a success.

For many years we have relied on pay roll deduction to collect this money for us.

Today this is not so.

Our new company Hudbay has told us that they cannot collect our dues off of payroll deduction anymore.

They told us with their new payroll system that it is too difficult to do this for us.

Without this deduction our rec club will collapse and no longer exist.

The workers and staff are not that important anymore.

What is puzzling is that when it was decided that Hudbay would not collect union dues from the IAM anymore, there was no problem in making the payroll adjustment.

It seems that nothing is too difficult when it comes to punishing us.

Our well being morale means nothing anymore.

Scabs Among Us?




As the IAM enters into its eighth week of the strike, one has to wonder how the mines continue to run and what kind of shape has it deteriorated into without the services of mechanics.

There is only one plausible answer….SCABS.

Hudbay wants us to believe that they are meeting or exceeding production budgets in our absence.

Sources from the inside tell us this is not so.

But the mines are still limping along because of Hudbay’s use of illegal scab labour.

They are illegal because it undermines the bargaining process. How can it be bargaining in good faith when you employ scab workers to do the work of the Union that you are supposed to be negotiating with?

This is now called Union busting and that is against the law.

The companies we believe that is supplying scab labour are:


These company’s maintain that they are sticking to audits and warranty work on their machinery.

Information we have received makes us believe that it is a lie.

Why would these companies pull out their local workers out and replace them with out of town workers if they weren’t breaking the rules?

They are doing our daily work. They are repairing the machinery in the mine to try keep it running.

They are stealing food from our family’s tables.

They are assisting Hudbay in starving out their own employees who are on strike for a better way of life.

Hudbay is forcing their own unionized employees to work alongside scab workers while their friends and family sit on the picket line.

Hudbay has no morales and does not care about the employees at work or on the picket line.

Hudbay doesn’t even care about the scab workers or the companies that supply them.

Once the strike is over, these companies will bring their local workers back.

They will expect our mechanics to work beside them.

Are we supposed to forget the pain this has caused us?

It doesn’t matter what we think.

All that matters to Hudbay is the bottom line.




The IAM will be hosting THE RUBBER BOOT CUP ROAD HOCKEY TOURNAMENT with a free hotdog BBQ and LIVE MUSIC.


It starts on Sunday June 28, 2015 at Noon at the IAM Strike Headquarters on Church Street.

Registration will begin at 11 AM to enter your road hockey team.

A minimum of 5 players for each team is required with an entry fee of $25 per a team.

It will be in a double knockout format, so each team is guaranteed a minimum of 2 games.

Goaltenders are optional, either 5 players or 4 players and a goaltender.

The first team to score 5 goals wins.

Entry fee cash will be used for the winning and runner up teams.


From 2pm – 4pm we will have the local band THE WHYTE performing a live show for the entire community. The IAM would like to thank THE WHYTE for donating their time and talent for our event.


So on Sunday we invite everyone from our community to enjoy some hotdogs, watch or participate in some road hockey and enjoy the music from one of our talented local bands.


Hope to see you there!!





It seems that this company does not care about the well being of their employees.

They do not care about the stress they are causing the employees that have signed this new contract and the IAM that remain out on strike.

They will not deal with the major issues the IAM have and refuse to offer a solution that is fair and what we deserve.

They have used unfair bargaining practices with all Unions right from the start.

Threats of lock outs and time dated contracts is nothing more than schoolyard bullying that we tell our children they must stand up to.

They have divided our Unions by offering each one crumbs more than the one before.

Now our Union brothers and sisters are forced to cross a picket line.

It’s a picket line that consists of their mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.

They are also aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

This not only affects their lives at work but it’s brought home every day.

We have let them divide our Unions and now it is dividing our families and friends.

Hudbay now forces our Union brothers and sisters to work alongside scab labour.

Jobs that belong to the IAM.

The IAM are not only their Union brothers and sisters, it is their family and friends.

Does the anger and frustration matter?

Hudbay forces middle management to try and fulfill our duties in our absence.

They work countless hours to try keep the plant running.

Each day they work is another day we starve.

Does Hudbay not care about the hard feelings this is causing?

These people are our frontline supervision and foremen.

When this is finished we will all have to work together.

Do they not care about the strained relations?

Do they not understand the damage this is causing?

Or do they even care?

Does the stress you cause your employees matter?

Are breaking your employee’s and Union’s all that’s important?

Creating a workforce that no longer cares will be the result.

Crushed morale is all that will be left.

Our Holidays?



Many of our members have been contacting the Human Resources Department requesting that their holiday pay be paid out while we are out on strike.

While we are on strike we do not receive any pay cheques from Hudbay.

We do not receive Unemployment Insurance.

 For many of our members all they have to rely on is a weekly strike pay cheque from our international of $150.

You must picket on the strike line to be entitled to it.

We understand that we chose to go out on strike. We had no choice. We will not be treated as second class citizens.

It’s a sacrifice we chose to make a better life for us and our families.

We want a better life for our children who follow in our footsteps.

We will not allow corporate greed to thrive on the backs of the working man who are paid sub-standard wages.

But.. $150 a week isn’t enough to pay the bills.

It’s barely enough to survive.

Our members have reached out to HR to have their holiday pay paid out to them for some financial relief.

Holiday pay they have earned from last year’s work year.

We were told that we were only allowed to cash out a portion of what belongs to us.

Management says we must maintain 80 hours of holidays in their bank.


They have a policy stating that is how it must be.

Some of our members haven’t even acquired 80 hours of holiday time yet.

They aren’t entitled to any of it?

We have reached out to the labour board to resolve this injustice.

They tell us there is nothing that can be done.

How can this be right?

This is our holiday pay that we have earned working for this company, helping them earn billions of dollars of profit.

Their employees and their families who now suffer do not matter.

This is another corporate bullying tactic to starve us and to make us submit.

Hudbay…when are you going to wake up?

Your tactics only make us stronger.

Our resolve will never waver.

We will never give up this fight until we get what is right and what we deserve.

We will always stay strong.

Week 7 Update



As the IAM enters into its seventh week of the strike we want to thank our members on their continued strength and resolve through this difficult process. The only way to get our issues resolved is to continue this fight. This is the most important battle of our working lives as it will dictate the way Hudbay treats its employees for the years to come. Hudbay will respect us.

The results of the ratification vote are in from the trades association:

Carpenters 85%

Boilermakers 66%

Electricians 53%

We can say that we are disappointed with the results but will respect the decision that their memberships have chosen. It’s unfortunate that without a deadline or any kind of threatening repercussions, they did not send their bargaining committees back to the table.

It is unfair that the Steelworkers received an average wage increase of 14.5% while the IAM were offered 10.9%.

We all work for the same company.

It seems that the contingency plan has a bottomless bank account. The price tag that Hudbay has spent is now in the millions of dollars. We cannot understand why this company is willing to waste this massive amount of shareholders money to teach us a lesson. By our calculations they have spent more money to fight us than it would have cost them to pay its employees a fair wage for the entire three year agreement.

We know the plant is running nowhere near full production, no matter what Hudbay wants us to believe.

The mines are not producing the amount of ore needed to feed the plant to run at capacity.

As all Flin Flon residents know, we feel the blast under our feet every time they occur.

When was the last time there was a consistent schedule?

They are still relying on a dwindling stockpile to keep the plant running in this idle mode but it will not last much longer.

How much longer can their staff tradesmen keep working to try and keep this plant running till they burn out and finally collapse?

They cannot replace our 180 members that worked hard every day to keep it running.

It will all collapse.

How much bleeding will they allow to happen before they let us help bandage the wound.

This strike is destroying our relations.

It must be fixed before the damaged relations become too great.

We need to remember that one day we will once again have to work together.

We need to negotiate a fair contract for us all and get back to work so we all can once again make money.


IAM Update Meeting





The IAM bargaining committee will be holding a general meeting to update our membership and to answer any questions or concerns to the best of our ability.

It will be held on Friday June 12 at 3pm at the Steel Centre.

We urge all members to please make every effort to attend.

Week 6 Update




As The IAM enters its 6th week of strike action against our employer Hudbay, we are starting to get answers to many questions now.

It has now become obvious that Hudbay is trying to divide our unions. They have used their favorite bargaining tool of bullying and threatening its employees to get what they want. This company relies on creating fear.

 Why would management hang the threat of locking out its employees if it was a fair and decent contract?

Why would management put an expiration date on it before it became null and void?

If it was a contract that management was proud of, why not let the employees decide without the manipulation?

 It’s unfortunate that some have signed for only scraps and trimmings, while the entire steak still remained on the table.

The electrical, carpenter and boilermaker unions have now been meeting with management and now are bringing the final offer that the steelworkers ratified last week. The offer was recommended for a $500 signing bonus. Over the 3 year agreement it works out to $0.08/hr.

How can this be right?

The steelworkers signed for a wage increase of 16.9% over the duration of the contract.

Why must we settle for only 10.9%?

Aren’t we worth more than labourers?

Skilled workers go to school and our mentored for 4 to 5 years until they are complete.

Industry standard in the Pas and Thompson for trades is $7/hr more.

How could any of us settle for any less?

No new language to our broken grievance procedure is present. It’s impossible to resolve any of our issues. It must be fixed.

Contractors are taking our jobs without any recourse. Contracting out language must be changed so we can keep our jobs, where they belong, with us.

Each final offer is getting better, but we can only get what we want if we fight.

Help us win this fight. Together we can do better. Together, this fight will be won faster.

We cannot accept second class wages.

We must create a new grievance procedure that is efficient and resolves our issues in a timely manner.

Stop contracting out our jobs.

The IAM, consisting of trades just like yourself, rejected the offer by 96%.

We cannot accept bread crumbs anymore.

Only together can we stand tall.

We must have a strong voice.

Send them back to the table.


IAM – Union Proud

June 4, 2015


IAM has heard some disparaging comments around town regarding IAM members opting to work during the strike and we want to clear the air.

Some members have chosen to find temporary work; others have decided to leave Hudbay permanently.  Still more may decide to do the same before this is over.  IAM believes that until Hudbay is prepared to treat their workforce with the respect they deserve, we cannot begrudge anyone who chooses to move on.

The IAM supports a member’s right to earn a livelihood.  A strike does not mean a family has to go without because support is required on the picket line.  IAM members spoke clearly when we voted 96% to reject Hudbay’s final offer, knowing that it would lead to job action.  THAT is how IAM members supported this process and, although we are glad to have people on the picket line, our members gave us a strong voice when we needed it.  Their support is appreciated regardless of their plans during the strike.

We do not feel that leaving Hudbay is a sign of disloyalty or a lack of fortitude.  We believe that IAM members could not have been more supportive of this process and we are proud of our men and women who have taken a stand.

Any member who decides to move on during this time should not face criticism but should leave with their head held high, knowing it is Hudbay’s loss.

Stand Tall – Stay Strong